Ansys 2023 R1 3Ddesign Highlights

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Ansys 2023 R1 3Ddesign Overview

Ansys 2023 R1 3Ddesign expands Discovery’s astonishing Live physics, innovative user experience, and powerful modeling tools making it a critical piece of the Ansys digital simulation thread and the best place to start simulation for every engineer and analyst. Breakthrough accuracy improvements in Live structural physics increase confidence and reduce GPU memory requirements for thin structures. Subdivision geometry modeling provides an entirely new way to create and edit complex parts making “what-if” changes possible for any CAD including topology optimization results. Lastly, added physics features improve productivity and fidelity for structure analysis, antenna ideation, rotating devices, and electronics cooling applications while maintaining a seamless connection to the Ansys product portfolio for more advanced studies.

Release Highlights

Ansys Discovery

  • Increased accuracy for thin structures – Improved accuracy for Live structural physics increases confidence in fast simulation results, while simultaneously reducing GPU memory requirements by up to 10x.
  • Subdivisional Modeling – This highly innovative new feature makes editing any CAD possible for the first time especially for smooth organic features and parts. Reduce complex “what if” geometry changes from hours or days to seconds. Top application areas include parametric modeling of turbine blades or modification and cleanup of topology optimization shape results.
  • Redesigned Workflow – Simulations are only as useful as the insights that can be drawn from them, which is why Discovery continues to redefine what a simulation user experience should be. Automated bolt checking, user-defined limits for measured values, and an improved legend present results with engineering meaning rather than as complex simulation quantities. Custom shortcuts, pop-up units, and a redesigned topology optimization workflow increase productivity for every engineer and analyst.

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