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Six-axis robot vision

Six-axis robot vision

Equipped with a six-axis robot, our universal camera measuring station can be easily and quickly adapted for visual verification of various products. The rotary table guarantees the shortest cycle time possible, while the interchangeable nests and a camera system ensure the quick change-over between the different product types

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Application area:



Quality control based on various parameters. The equipment is suitable for checking the parameters requested by the customer or manufacturer, using rule-based systems or even image-based analyzes supported by artificial intelligence.


– With a 6-axis industrial robot, the product can be tested from different sides and angles, so it is also suitable for checking connecting dimensions and used as an EOL tester as well

– Different built-in lights for different inspections

– Shorter cycle time can be achieved with rotary table solution

– Easily interchangeable nests; with the help of these nests, the machine is suitable for testing several different products with quick changeover


The result is an universal robotic device which can monitor a wide range of components using different cameras and illuminations.

Due to the interchangeable nests, the manufacturing of a new product can be the fraction of the investment cost.

Verifiable parameters:

– Presence and position of connecting pins

– Presence and conformity of labels and captions

– Check connecting dimensions

– Different color, shape, presence and size controls

– Paste presence and continuity

– Quality criteria (burrs, scratches)

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