Individual Single-Purpose Machine

How can I help you?

With decades of experience in the field of industrial automation, eCon Engineering Kft. has been an engineering service provider in the development of industrial technologies, and therefore has extensive experience at the service of its customers.
When designing equipment, our automation team always serves the customer’s needs and interests.
We design, manufacture, and supply equipment, whether it is a high-speed rotary table, a flexible production cell, or a manual station.

The main features of our equipment

Reliable operation

High availability

Cost-effective operation

Robot cells

At Econ Engineering we can deliver the full spectrum of robotized processes and integrated robotic solutions. According to your product requirements, we will determine the best robotic solution and integrate it into your production line – regardless of robot type (4/6 axes articulated, scara, delta, cartesian) or robot manufacturer (Comau, Epson, Fanuc, ABB, etc.)

Our design specialist experiences will be applied to your robot cells to decrease cycle times while increasing reliability. Our robot cells can be applied for assembly, handling, palettizing, packaging, sorting, dispensing, sealing, measuring, testing, polishing, deburring, laser welding, cutting, process machining, spot welding, etc.

Technology development

At Econ Engineering design specialist and numerical simulation experience will be applied to your technology development process to increase process reliability.

According to your product requirements, we will determine the best process solution and integrate it into your line. We can virtually analyze numerous physical phenomena like heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and even magnetic parameters, and optimize our equipment according to the results. We also have some in-house measuring equipment like a tensile tester to measure certain parameters such as a force-displacement diagram to establish the right process parameters before the design phase.