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Manual station

Manual station

Our standard manual station is a cost-effective solution to adapt screwing or any other manual process for different type of products. The fast changeable fixtures make the system suitable for building a flexibly alterable assembly line. The base machine is easily programmable for applying different type of fixtures and technologies.

Field of expertise:



Application area:


The following technologies can be applied with different changeable fixtures (JIG):

  • Screwing with automatic screw feeding
  • Screwing with manually screw feeding
  • Vision inspections
  • Pasta / glue dispensing
  • Pressing
  • etc.

The advantages of universal stations:

  • Wide spectrum of applicability
  • Intelligent JIG system with sensors, checkers, pneumatic actuators can be used
  • Quick change system for JIGs
  • Two different automatic fed screw types
  • Easy way to implement new type of products or technology without purchasing new machines
  • Good choice for sample or frequently changing production
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