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Hot air riveter

Hot air riveter

The main application of hot air riveting is fixing PCB panels or sheet-metal parts in a plastic frame or house. Our controlled technology ensures safe and economical binding between the parts.

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The process has two steps:

– First we melt the river head with hot air (the air temperature and the mass flow are measured)

– Second we depress the rivet head with a heated riveter.

The advantages of the process:

  • Strong shape lock binding – the melt will fill out more than 90% of the hole
  • There won’t be cracking on the rivet material even with filled plastic
  • The rivet won’t become sensitive for vibration
  • Ecstatically smooth rivet head can be made

We ensure the stability of the process with

  • CFD flow simulation for the air nozzles, and heat simulation for the hot press heads
  • Controlled air mass and temperature
  • Heat sensors for the PBC surfaces against overheating
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