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Development of applications, wizard tools, and dedicated software for analytical tasks, based on empirical methods.
Econ software products aim to shorten, accurate, and automate simulation sub-processes.

eContact X

Automated CHT Preprocessing Wizard for Ansys CFX

Main advantages of eContact X

  • The tool drastically reduces human resources in Ansys CFX by automated definition of interfaces, materials, and boundary conditions in CHT simulations
  • The user errors are minimized, and model checking is simplified

Difficulties for CFX engineers

  • Too many interfaces in detailed CHT models
  • Room for human error
  • Monotonous work phase
  • Wasted time instead of creative work
  • High expenses because of the long preprocess

Solution: eContact X

  1. Get a licence

    Go to our website

  2. Install the wizard

    Download from our website

  3. Prepare your CFD domain and mesh

    As you like it

  4. Run the eContact X wizard

    Get preprocessed CFD models instantly

  5. Check your model

    At a glance

  6. Use your saved time

    For creative tasks