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Student Racing Team Support

To expand their experience and knowledge, develop innovative thinking, and strengthen teamwork, we provide continuous support to the young generation of engineers in the field of engineering simulation.

Our support includes providing Ansys software to various university competition teams and introducing them to the proper use of engineering simulation software through pro bono training. With our support and Ansys software solutions, the racing teams can participate in international student competitions in automotive (e.g. Formula Student Racing), aerospace, autonomous, electrical, and other fields.

With Ansys software and the education provided by Econ, student teams can gain a strong competitive advantage and professional insight, knowledge, and skills that they can successfully apply in their future work.

If your team is interested in our support, please contact us at!

Econ Engineering supports the following competition teams.


Racing teamUniversityFormer racesWebsite
Airrari-STECOUniversity of SzegedEco Marathon 2023, Prototype category
Arrabona Racing TeamSzéchenyi István UniversityFormula Student Austria, Formula Student East, Formula Student Alpe Adria
BME AeroSpace TeamBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsEuropean Rocketry Challenge 2023
BME Formula Racing TeamBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsFormula student East 2022- 2023, Formula student Austria 2022-2023, Formula student Germany 2022-2023
BME MotorsportBudapest University of Technology and Economics2023: FS East, FS Czech Republic, FS Alpe Adria
BME Solar Boat TeamBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsMonaco Energy Boat Challenge (2016, 2017, 2018, 2021, 2022), Wildauer Solarbottregatta (2021, 2022), Russian Regatta (2017)
BME SuborbitalsBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsEUROC – European Rocketry Challenge (2022), EUROC – European Rocketry Challenge  (2023)
Electric Racing MiskolcUniversity of MiskolcFS CZ 2024, FS EAST 2024, FSA 2024, Imeche Formula Student 2024
KEFO MotorsportNeumann János UniversityFS East, FSG
Kenji Racing TeamNeumann János UniversityMotoStudent 2024-2025, Moto Engineering Italy 2024
SZEnergy TeamSzéchenyi István UniversityShell Eco-marathon Europe
SZEngine TeamSzéchenyi István UniversityFormula Student Austria, Formula Student East, Formula Student Alpe Adria
Óbuda University Racing TeamUniversity of ÓbudaFS East


Racing teamUniversityFormer racesWebsite
Euroavia Zagreb Student TeamUniversity of ZagrebAirbus sloshing rocket workshop(2022,2023), Air cargo challenge(2022), PACELAB competition(2023)Euroavia_Zagreb_Student_Team_logo
FESB Racing TeamUniversity of SplitFSATA 2023 & MotoStudent 2023University_of_Split_FESB_Racing_Team_logo
Riteh Racing TeamUniversity of RijekaFSAA 2023, FSA 2023, FSCZ 2023, FSNL 2023University_of_Rijeka_Racing_Team_RITEH_logo


Racing teamUniversityFormer racesWebsite
BEOAVIA Student TeamUniversity of BelgradeAirbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop 2023, ERUROC 2023,
Air Cargo, Challenge 2024, New Flying Competition 2024, Air Race 2024
FS Road Arrow Student TeamUniversity of BelgradeFS Alpe Adria and FS East. The aim for 2024 is to participate in FSG, FSA, and FSN,
depending on the qualification results and financial possibilities.