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Reinforced Plastics 2020 – International Conference


We are inviting you to the International Conference of Reinforced Plastics 2020! The event is organized by The Hungarian Association of the Manufacturers of Reinforced Plastic Materials (EMSZ), and will take place at Balatonkenese, Hungary on 29-30 September.

We are delighted to share with you, that our senior simulation engineer colleague, László Kovács will also hold a presentation! The event is one of the most important professional meetings on reinforced plastic materials in Europe, and it is held every two years.

Aim of the conference: is to present the most recent technical, scientific and economical results in manufacturing, processing and application of reinforced plastics products, with special reference to the following topics: raw materials, processing technologies, properties and testing of products, new fields of application, environmental protection, recycling, market information, new materials, and R&D.

The presentation of our colleague: we are proud that our senior simulation engineer colleague, László Kovács will also be presenting at this international conference.

Title of the presentation: Numerical tool with mean-stress correction for fatigue life estimation of composite plates

About the presentation: The continuous fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs) are one of those modern type of materials that evolve very dynamically nowadays. The biggest asset of those – let alone the esthetic aspects – is the remarkable stiffness and strength per unit mass. From this point of view, these materials are considered as the real alternative of the strongest metals. Contrarily the faster spread of them is obstructed by a number of issues such as: less productive and in general more costly and labor-intensive manufacturing as well as the relatively high statistical uncertainty of the static, dynamic, and cyclic material properties in comparison with metals. This is the implication of the inhomogeneous microstructure that unites numerous ingredients having dissimilar phases and characteristics. The significant scatter in the material response as well as the aforementioned complex internal structure has led to the development of numerous, in some cases contradicting material models, mainly related to static, cyclic strength and with regards to impact and crash behavior.
In our work, we have developed a numerical simulation assisted fatigue assessment method that is able to predict the fatigue life of composite laminates via the continuous monitoring of stiffness and strength degradation including mean stress correction and the use of interactive first ply failure criterion. The most novel features of this method are the mean stress dependent strength and stiffness degradation monitoring of each ply that was mathematically described with an empirical interaction type rule well known from literature. As a first step of the new method’s validation unidirectional carbon-epoxy test pieces made with prepreg technology were fatigue tested under load control and the relevant parameters of the model were successfully fitted to the experimental results. The outcome of this fitting exercise is also presented.

The official languages of the Conference will be English and Hungarian. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided by EMSz.

For registration and more information (ticket fees and detailed agenda) please, visit EMSz’s website at