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Wednesday 9:00 am
Thursday 4:00 pm

NAFEMS EEC2020 – Engineering Simulation Virtual Conference

Online conference

NAFEMS is the largest independent non-profit organization of engineering simulation experts. The community provides an independent platform for professional exchange and for broadening of the engineering network.

On September 23 and 24, the organization’s first Eastern European online conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet virtually professionals from industry and academia, manufacturers, consultancies, and software developers. The event offers a great opportunity to learn about the latest industry trends and developments, to boost your knowledge in the field of industrial applications and engineering solutions.

At the conference, you will learn more about finite element analysis (FEM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD),  electromagnetics (EM) and discret element (DEM).

Whether you are a simulation engineer, manager or software developer; you can gain valuable knowledge, new connections, and motivation towards your professional development.

At the conference, our senior simulation engineer colleague, László Kovács, will also give a presentation on the topic “Probabilistic procedure fitting the parameters of the failure model of composites”.

About the presentation

The importance of continuous fiber reinforced plastics (CFRPs) has been raising in the last decades due to the ability to construct lightweight structures from them that also produces a nice and shiny outfit for the final product. However, these days CFRPs mean much more than this. The ever-improving composite manufacturing technologies in terms of complexity, cost and productivity made CFRPs more affordable to all “less exclusive” industrial segments. However, a number of practical issues slow down the process of CFRPs spreading wider. Besides the still fairly high complexity and defect rate of composite manufacturing technologies used in a continuous assembly line in comparison with metals, designing a safe composite product without the unnecessarily high extra safety on the structure is still a challenge. The extra safety results in extra material, thus additional weight which is against the entire purpose of using composites instead of metals. The safety to be applied on a composite product to be designed comprises the uncertainty of a number of factors that need to be considered.

At eCon Engineering we aimed to quantify the level of uncertainty due to the scatter in strength properties and as a result of the theoretical failure model selection. We have developed a fully probabilistic fitting procedure which is able provide information about the strength values and any additional parameters of the selected first ply failure model as a function of the specified probability level of failure. The method requires raw ply in-plane stresses at the point of failure as input from mechanical testing. Then the algorithm implements a maximum likelihood method-based optimization of the parameters of the selected theoretical failure model. The objective function of this optimization is the likelihood of failure at the given stress state including all specimens that is evaluated using an advanced sampling method.

With the aid of this approach we can generate material uncertainty safety factors which are dependent on the predefined probability to failure / survival of the target product, thus, we are able to predict the cost of safety.

The full program of the conference and the planned presentations are available HERE.

The event is free, the language of the conference is English.