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In 2023 we supported the special program From Huts to Homes of the From Streets to Home Association (Utcáról Lakásba Egyesület) with the amount of €1000.

Since its foundation in 2012, the association has been steadily developing and running a growing number of model programs to provide independent housing for people experiencing homelessness and housing poverty. Their main goal is to help more homeless people living in public spaces to move into social housing and to provide a secure home for those who would not be able to rent at market prices. To do this, they work with local authorities and private individuals, running a social housing network and a housing agency. They do this by introducing and supporting innovative housing policy instruments such as active participation in the national roll-out of the Housing First method.

Their ‘From Huts to Homes!’ program helps the most vulnerable people to live in a decent home again. The association renovates unused, poorly maintained council-rented housing for homeless families who pay socially subsidized rent. The renovations are carried out with the help of volunteers and prospective tenants. They offer independent housing, providing a real opportunity for social integration for those in need. They believe in helping future tenants with affordable rental housing and social work instead of hostels – to create real homes. In line with this approach, the association also provides intensive social work before, during, and after moving in. The long-term goal is to ensure that their clients not only move in but can also keep their homes. Some of their clients had no regular income at all upon moving into their new homes, but today they can pay their bills regularly and on time. The Association would like ‘From Huts to Homes!’ to become a model program and to be recognized by the state for implementation by other organizations nationwide.

We have also provided support and/or pro bono training throughout the year to several university sports teams.

Hungarian teams:

  • Airrari-STECO
  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • BME AeroSpace Team
  • BME Formula Racing Team
  • BME Motorsport
  • BME Solar Boat Team
  • BME Suborbitals
  • Electric Racing Miskolc
  • KEFO Motorsport
  • Kenji Racing Team
  • SZEnergy Team
  • SZEngine Team
  • Óbuda University Racing Team

Croatian teams:

  • Euroavia Zagreb Student Team
  • FESB Racing Team
  • Riteh Racing Team

Serbian teams:

  • BEOAVIA Student Team
  • FS Road Arrow Student Team