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The next generation of engineers – what kind of challenges do they face?

Being the official channel partner of the world’s leading simulation software, Ansys, eCon Engineering Ltd. is committed to supporting the next generation of engineers. We consider important that all engineering students – be they electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, or future experts in any other field of engineering – understand and learn the basics and connections within their own area of expertise. Thus, by focusing on skills and knowledge, these talented young people can become successful engineers.

The role of the university and the university professors cannot be left out of the consideration, as they have a huge impact on the students’ professional development. The university professors must see and know, that it is not expedient to train only theoretical experts from students, it is much more important to share up-to-date knowledge with them. It is also crucial to consider that the vast majority of the recently graduated young talents choose to establish themselves in external companies instead of continuing their studies on master or on PhD level. These entrants soon find themselves in a group of engineers, where they have to learn and understand the dynamic of the company, of their team, its working processes in order to integrate into a new community and working environment.

Students need to understand how to work successfully with other engineers, which means they need to know how to communicate effectively. It’s often surprising to electrical engineering majors that “resistance” does not always mean electrical resistance. A mechanical engineer may hear the word “resistance” and think thermal or mechanical resistance. Sooner or later, the electrical and mechanical engineers in the team are going to have a conversation about something important, and they will find they can work together more effectively if they can speak the same language.

How can professors help to facilitate the effective communication and what is their role in engineering education?

University students can achieve the biggest improvement if they receive such projects and tasks during which they can work on real-life problems together with students from different engineering fields. Electrical engineering students have to work with mechanical engineering and materials science engineering students to find solutions to the challenges presented, and in doing so they begin to discover the ways in which their disciplines interact. They discover that if they wish to collaborate successfully with each other, they need to find common terms to solve the common challenges. They learn how to work together, how to communicate with people in different but related disciplines. Hence the professors should demonstrate and bring up-to-date, real-life problems and examples – both theoretical and practical – so the students could master the crucial skills and competences.

Professors have a special role in educating the next generation of engineers

What are the most important aspects for the employers?

Beyond the theoretical and practical knowledge, soft skills are also essential to run a successfull career. How do we understand and define our role within a given company? How should we communicate with other departments, with other colleagues and management members in the company? These are just some of the most important skills. Also the applicant’s personality plays a huge role in the recruitment process, as based on this, the employer can feel, see whether the candidate would fit into the hierarchy and sturcutre of the company.

Soft skills are the main factors which determine the individual’s integration, motivation, manageability and creativity characteristics

eCon Engineering Ltd. – being the official channel parntner of Ansys in Hungary and in the Adria region – supports universities in mastering the use of Ansys and its cutting-edge simulation solutions; we also sponsor student teams –  we provide them with free versions of Ansys software, with backgorund support and education. We have already held several trainings on various topics in order to help both students and professors to deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizon.

If you have any questions about the engineering simulation, the Ansys product family or eCon Engineering Ltd.’s services, please feel free to contact us at  e-mail address or at +36 1 279 0320 phone number.


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* „Soft skills” are a set of personal competences which fundamentally determine the employee’s integration, motivation, manageability, and creativity characteristics.