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Beneficiary name: eCon Engineering Kft. (consortium member: Pannon University)

Project title: Precision characterisation of nonlinear mechanical behaviour of reinforced and unreinforced polymeric materials for engineering simulations

The amount of aid contracted: 502 280 475 HUF

The rate of aid: 71,63%

Project content: In the joint R&D project of eCon Engineering Kft. and the Pannon University, the primary focus of development is on advanced materials, especially rubber (elastomers) and continuous fibre reinforced polymer composites. In many cases, the mechanical behaviour of these materials cannot be modelled by simple approaches in engineering simulations. In order to reliably use sophisticated material models in computer-aided virtual product design, material parameter fitting algorithms that incorporate as little simplification as possible and that can handle the statistical uncertainty of material behaviour are required. No working solution is available in the market to automatically address all the problems stated above. Our aim is therefore to fill this gap; to develop algorithms and turn them into user products that can determine the parameters of theoretical models describing the nonlinear stress-strain behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites, as well as the parameters of 1st-ply-failure models that describe the complex multiaxial failure behaviour of fibre-reinforced composites or, in the case of rubber materials, the deformation characteristics of hyperelastic material models in a sophisticated way, by automatically processing the results of standard mechanical tests or individual component tests, and automatically selecting the approach that best characterises the current problem. This can significantly increase the accuracy of engineering simulations, reduce product development lead times and ultimately reduce development costs.

Project completion date: 2024.08.30.

Project identification number: 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2021-00314