Information on the closing of the KFI-112 tender project

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The consortium formed by eCon Engineering Kft. and Infominero Kft. worked together on the project “Development of Artificial Intelligence-supported simulation methods for propeller-airframe interaction optimization”, awarded in the 2018-1.1.2-KFI tender, which was successfully completed on 26 August 2022.

The total budget of the project is over HUF 366 million, with the support of HUF 244 million provided by the Hungarian Government through the NKFI Fund.

As planned, we have developed our Virtual Blade Model (VBM) for three-dimensional aerodynamic corrections based on Artificial Intelligence, which allows us to simulate propeller-induced flow cost-effectively and with sufficient accuracy. This allows us to accurately account for the effect of the propeller on the airframe structure, even in optimization calculations.

Our optimization capability as a future service has been successfully demonstrated by aerodynamic optimization of the Altus motorized glider’s air intake and verification by its flight measurements. The comparison of the measurement and simulation results shows that the applied aircraft modeling procedure and the Virtual Blade Model (VBM) developed by the consortium perform as expected.

In addition to the aerodynamic simulation and optimization procedures, a layer-level fatigue analysis procedure for continuous fiber-reinforced polymer composites has been developed, which heavily relies on parameter calibration from component test results using optimization methods. This procedure has been successfully demonstrated for a propeller blade by simulation.


Gábor Zipszer – Project Leader
gabor.zipszer (at)