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Wednesday 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Innovative Injection Molding Webinar

Online - Teams

Simulation of innovative injection molding technologies in the defense industry and in electric vehicle production

metal injection molding – powder injection molding – ceramic injection molding – glass injection molding

Description of the webinar

Accelerated production requires a fast and precise manufacturing technology solution, which has particular importance in the defense industry, in electric vehicle production, and in products with fine mechanical dimensions. The good news is that cost-effective, high-volume precision production can be achieved by a general injection molding machine. From the range of innovative injection molding technologies that meet market needs, we focus on powder injection molding and will demonstrate the process of technologization, the tool concept development, and its optimization in a live simulation environment.

Content of the webinar

Innovative injection molding technology solutions exclusively in Moldex3D
Márton Besze / CoreTech System Co.,Ltd., Regional manager
(25 min.)

Elite simulation of powder/metal injection molding in practice – solution in live-action
Bálint Kiss / eCon Engineering Kft., Software support engineer
(25 min.)

Questions and answers, feedback
Speakers, attendants
(10 min.)

Date & time: 18 October, 1:00-2:00 pm

Webinar language: English

Moldex3D webinar Innovative Injection Molding
Moldex3D webinar Innovative Injection Molding

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