How can I help you?

In 2021 we supported the work of the From Streets to Home Association (Utcáról Lakásba Egyesület) with the amount of €1000.

Since its foundation in 2013, the association has been steadily developing and running a growing number of model programs to provide independent housing for people experiencing homelessness and housing poverty. Their main goal is to help more homeless people living in public spaces to move into social housing and to provide a secure home for those who would not be able to rent at market prices. To do this, they work with local authorities and private individuals, running a social housing network and a housing agency. They do this by introducing and supporting innovative housing policy instruments such as active participation in the national roll-out of the Housing First method.

Also, we have provided support and/or pro bono training throughout the year to several university sports teams.

Hungarian teams:

  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • BME Formula Racing Team
  • BME Motorsport
  • BME Solar Boat Team
  • BME Fuse Racing Team
  • Formula Racing Team Miskolc
  • SZEnergy Team
  • Airrari-STECO Team
  • KEFO Motorsport
  • PowAir Pneumobil Team

Other teams:

  • University of Belgrade, BEOAVIA Student Team
  • University of Rijeka Racing Team
  • University of Split, FESB Racing