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The year 2020 was significantly affected by COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting quarantine period. It has left its mark on the domestic and international economy, on all levels and in all areas of corporate processes, as well as on our personal lives, even including the care and education of our children. The Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), under the coordination of the Digital Welfare Program (DJP), has launched a special program called “Digital Cohesion” (Digitális Összefogás) with offers from digital actors to help overcome the difficulties caused by the coronavirus. The program aims to help Hungarian companies, employees, parents, teachers, schools, students, healthcare institutions, doctors, etc. using the opportunities of digitalization. eCon Engineering Kft. also participated in this Digital Cohesion program; we offered our help to assist the product development processes of medical and pharmaceutical companies with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and mechanical (FEM) engineering simulations. We accelerate and facilitate product development in areas such as mixing simulations, chemical reactions, and reaction times/rates, manufacturing tests, or rapid prototyping.


In this challenging year, we focused our sponsorship on foundations “Suhanj!” and “Nem Adom Fel!” in achieving their goals. SUHANJ! is a non-profit organization that has been helping to promote the joy of sport with its injured and disabled peers. Created with community involvement, “SUHANJ! Fitness” is the first handicap-accessible gym in the country, open to everyone, and awaiting those who wish to share the delight of sport activities. “Nem Adom Fel!” aims to make the disadvantaged members of Society – people with disabilities and/or learning difficulties, socially disadvantaged young and elderly people – believe that society needs them and their talent, and if they do not give up, they can achieve anything and be able to succeed in life. The organization has been active since 2005, they have had numerous events, projects as well as standard ongoing programs.

Furthermore, in 2020, we also provided IT support in the form of laptops to “Kis Lépések Alapítvány“.

We are also happy to have provided support and/or pro bono training throughout the year to several university sports teams:

  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • BME Formula Racing Team
  • BME Motorsport
  • DE MK Team
  • Formula Racing Team Miskolc
  • SZEnergy Team