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FEA aided development of a composite automotive roof box

FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

FEA aided development of a composite automotive roof box

Development of this automotive roof box was started from a visual design and ended with a manufacturable designed product equipped with all the accessories like hinges, lock and opening mechanisms. During the process, FEA analysis helped to find the proper composite layer build-up using in-house measured material properties.

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Composite| Crash



Besides attractive design, an automotive roof box should be compliant in strength and crash safety regulations of the ISO 11154 standard.

In this project the main task was to keep design surfaces and secure the proper level of strength and crashworthiness of the targeted part.

The first step was to create a manufacturable shell structure from the visual design and to select the feasible accessories for roof box like opening and lock mechanisms. For the structural appropriateness, static and crash simulation tools driven composite layer optimization was carried out. Input parameters of the simulations were given by in-house-made material characterization for used composite materials.