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Conformal Cooling Comparison

conformal cooling temperature

Cooling Analysis

Conformal Cooling Comparison

Conformal cooling analysis can help determine not only the required cooling time, but also the temperature variation inside the mold.

Owner: Matsui MFG. CO., Ltd. | Publication date: 2017

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Cooling Analysis

Application area:

Injection Moulding



Traditional cooling channels cannot be made along with the product geometry. Thus the cooling efficiency is limited, especially for products with complicated geometry. Verification and optimization of the conformal cooling channel design have become more and more difficult because of the complex geometry.

Engineering solution

Moldex3D Cooling Analysis can help determine not only the required cooling time, but also the temperature variation inside the mold. Moreover, the coolant behavior such as coolant flow rate, pressure loss, vortex/dead water area can further be estimated by Moldex3D 3D Cooling Channel Analysis.


To help users, Moldex3D can:

  • Increase cooling efficiency. With Cooling rate difference can be minimized through the whole part
  • Reduce cycle time and cost.
  • Create better product quality.

We can see that conformal cooling channels effectively removed most of the heat from the core side. However, the max. temperature area still exists since no cooling channel passes that area (red circles).

Cooling efficiency comparison:

The convention design, the lower cooling channel only absorbs 35.5% of the total heat while the conformal cooling design (right) can go up to 53.7%.

Comparing with the conventional design, the conformal cooling can reduce 10 sec. or 33% of the cycle time, while keeping the same product quality.

Temperature distribution - normal

Temperature distribution when normal cooling is used

Temperature distribution - conformal

Temperature distribution when conformal cooling is used

Cooling efficiency - normal

Cooling efficiency when normal cooling is used

Cooling efficiency - conformal

Cooling efficiency when conformal cooling is used.

conformal cooling comparison

Part quality comparison between normal and conformal cooling

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