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Failure Modelling of Composites – New Publication

About the Article of Failure Modelling of Composites

R&D Simulation engineer László Kovács and co-authors (Szabolcs Berezvai, Donát Takács) related to eCon Engineering Kft. have published a new article in the European Journal of Mechanics – A/Solids (IF=4.873) in topic of Failure Modelling of Composites. Article title: A general method for numerical identifiability and sensitivity analysis of failure criteria for continuous fibre-reinforced plastics. The article is open-access.

Failure Modelling of Composites

„Modelling the static failure of fibre-reinforced composite laminates is a challenging problem, as the parameters of the relevant mechanical models might not have a physical interpretation. Failure parameters are usually determined experimentally, where the parameter fitting and experimental design can be non-standard and intricate. In order to improve efficiency in designing mechanical experiments for the fitting of composite failure model parameters, a general method for quantifying the sensitivity of failure criteria parameters to failure stress states has been developed.”

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