Call for Simulation Competition

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With simulation projects for engineering students

The aim of the engineering simulation competition…

is to give students who are open to the challenges of technical tasks the tools they need to broaden their engineering capabilities, deepen their technical knowledge, and increase their potential to enter the labor market.

Project requirements

The project can be based on a semester assignment, a paper for the Scientific Students’ Conference, a Master’s thesis, or a Ph.D. dissertation.

To complete the project, the student will use Ansys (general finite element, finite volume simulation) and/or Moldex3D injection molding simulation software.

In the project work, the simulation should be presented in one of the following ways:

  • for a single physical area, or
  • separately for multiple areas, or
  • several, linked physical areas (mechanical, thermal, fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, optimization).

The student should submit documentation on the project’s objectives and results, using the template provided, and containing at least 5 result images and at least 2 result videos. In addition, the simulation files in the run state generated in Ansys and/or Moldex3D should be uploaded by the student to the indicated surface.

Submission deadline: 20 February 2024.

Evaluation criteria for the project work

Projects completed individually will be given preferential treatment.

The attention-grabbing idea of using simulation and the curiosity of the project are more important than the complexity of the geometry.

Only submissions received by the deadline will be considered for an award.


The first three places will receive a total prize of 300,000 HUF (~€770).
Presentation of the awards and recognition of the consultants takes place at the forthcoming Econ Conference, each spring.

The award ceremonies of previous years:

  1. 24 March 2022 at the 20th Econ Conference
  2. 23 March 2023 at the 21st Econ Conference.

Simulation software availability

Ansys and Moldex3D software are available to students at universities with a license. To use the simulation system, please ask your consultant for assistance.

For a Moldex3D software license please contact our software support engineers!

Get the free Ansys Student software tools via our website!

Application and contact

To enter the competition, please fill in the registration form below! Following this, applicants will be given individual access to upload their projects.
Any questions about the competition should be sent to training (at)

Registration info

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