Our trainee obtained Moldex3D Analyst certificate

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Balázs Békefi, MSc student of Mechanical Engineering at Budapest University of Technology, completed his summer internship this year at eCon, supporting our software business unit. He became acquainted with the Moldex3D injection molding simulation software, and autumn he passed the Analyst exam and obtained the certificate in recognition of successful completion of the Moldex3D certification requirements.

To the delight of the exam, we did a short interview with Balázs, which can be read below:

Where and when did you encounter Moldex3D injection molding simulation software?

For the first time,  almost three years ago, I met and used the program at an injection molding company in Székesfehérvár, where I performed simulation tasks as an intern. There I learned the basics of the program and gained the knowledge I came with to eCon this summer.

For which kind of tasks did you use the software before?

Previously, I helped my colleagues at the beginning of the design phase by approximating the shrinkage value of various injection molded products. During my summer internship at eCon this year, I got to know the software even better and I realized how wide-ranging the potential of Moldex3D is.

Why did you decide to take Moldex3D Analyst exam?

First, Péter Farkas, our mentor appointed at the company, talked about the exam and the preparation that comes with it. It piqued my interest very much and then I decided that I would definitely like to get the certificate. My stated goal during the university has been to get as much experience and practice as possible by the time I get out of the job market. I think this certificate could even be a  huge plus in a job interview that makes me a stong candidate . Furthermore, this success is a worthy close to my 4 weeks summer internship.

How could eCon help the preparation for the exam?

The company was very open and kind from the first minute, the attitude and dedication I received from Péter was very helpful. He accompanied me all the way from the preparation to the arrival of the exam result, so I would like to thank again Péter for his support and help. In recent days, I have been approached by several colleagues, whom I met the company during my internship, to congratulate me on my exam results.

We are proud of Balázs and wish him every success for his future plans!