eCon presentations at the NAFEMS World Congress 2021

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It is worth registering! eCon Engineering speakers will give NAFEMS conference attendees an insight into two forward-looking topics.

In the field of composites, eCon will present a simulation-based fatigue assessment procedure that can provide an estimate of the long-term life of composite parts of arbitrary geometry and ply layup sequence. The procedure, which is still in the experimental validation phase, could serve as a unique automated method to support composite structural component manufacturers in their design activities. Within the automotive industry as the use of thermoplastic matrix composites in aerospace sector is getting more widespread, the fatigue phenomenon of such materials is becoming more of an issue. eCon’s approach offers a solution to this problem, which is being validated by the Hungary-based engineering company in cooperation with the World’s No. 1 composite raw material supplier.

In another presentation, eCon will talk about innovative, cost-effective modelling of propeller-induced flows. Participants will learn how Artificial Intelligence can be used in engineering simulations. In addition to the advanced optimisation of propeller-driven aeroplanes, eCon’s modelling approach can make a significant contribution to drone and air-taxi developments enabling these futuristic concepts to become reality.