Ansys Discovery has been renewed!

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Ansys Discovery allows users to design with unprecedented speed and flexibility, iterate their work processes; these complementary innovative solutions contribute to the product development as well. By removing the usability and speed barriers of traditional simulation tools, Ansys Discovery enables companies to design products faster and evaluate many more design ideas. The extreme ease of use allows users to learn the different functions of the system fast.

Ansys Discovery accelerates time-to-market – there is no more waiting weeks during the design process, the simulation provides fast and reliable information about the product. It increases the product innovation – creation of market leading products becomes achievable by simulating and evaluating many more design ides in the early stage of design cycle. With the help of simulation, product quality can be improved while reducing cost and risk.

Ansys Discovery means solution in various fields – including engineering, manufacturing, management, research and innovation – it supports decision making in changing business environment as well.