3D Design

The solutions offered by ANSYS Discovery product line enable engineers to simulate and examine the real behaviour of the product already during the development of the concept.

Ease of use, exceptional functions and solutions combined with the quality and reliability of the market leader ANSYS give such tool into the hand of designers, which cut down the design process drastically and offers an unprecedented insight into the behaviour of the future product regardless of mechanical, fluid-dynamical, thermal or electromagnetic examination.
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Discovery AIM

An easy-to-use simulation tool with guided workflows which enables engineers to learn about the behaviour of the future product in both early- and late- stage design, no matter whether electromagnetic, thermal, structural, fluid-dynamical or multi-physics analysis.


Discovery AIM’s intuitive user interface significantly reduces the setup for the execution of engineering simulations. The templates for different physics areas guide the user through the necessary settings and automate many routine steps so the engineer can focus on the engineering. Beyond the default processes, it is possible to tailor simulation templates and incorporate company specific processes, and procedures.

Besides being simply and clear to handle, the same solvers and meshers are used in Discovery Aim as in flagship product of the simulation market leader ANSYS. This technology delivers the most reliable and accurate results.

Discovery AIM Features

  • Fluid-dynamics simulations for reducing pressure drop, for calculating lift and drag coefficients and resistance parameters, for predicting fluid behaviour and evaluating fluid loads
  • Analyses of deflections and stress distributions for complex parts and assemblies which may include non-linear contact and large deflections
  • Determining natural frequency and vibration characteristics of the product
  • Simulation of static magnetic fields and conduction
  • Reducing trial-and-error iterations and quickly handling unexpected problems when simulating polymer extrusion processes and evaluating die designs
  • Thermal simulations to study the performance of the product within a projected temperature range

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Discovery Live

An interactive simulation environment delivering instant results allowing engineers at all levels and in any specific fields to explore the possibilities provided by their concept and design while taking the concurrent design to a new level.

Discovery Live makes the design process interactive and enables engineers to see the impact of the geometric changes immediately. There is no longer need to wait for re-meshing and re-solving. You get immediate answers to your questions, like what happens if the load suddenly increases if the material changes or if the input velocity of the flow media drops.

Discovery Live Features

  • Immediate engineering simulation results for designing
  • Eliminating geometry preparation, meshing, solving processes and post-processing
  • Performing structural, internal and external fluid-dynamical, thermal and modal analysis
  • Editing geometry from other CAD source or modeling completely new ideas
  • Receiving live updates as you change simulation physics, geometry, boundary conditions, or alter display characteristics
  • Benefiting from the readily available power of GPU

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Discovery SpaceClaim

An easy-to- use and fast 3D designer, perfect tool for concept modeling, creating final assemblies, or editing, repairing and preparing of a 3D model from any CAD format.

SpaceClaim Direct Modeler makes the creative work for engineers easier by freeing them from the constraints of traditional design software. This technology is the basis of the CAD independency, a hallmark of every ANSYS product as all known 3D formats, even STL file formats can be opened and modified easily and quickly making the work and information exchange easier between customers, R&D engineers, other team members and manufacturing.

Due to a high level of compatibility it is a reliable tool for Reverse Engineering, 3D printing or other manufacturing related tasks.

Discovery SpaceClaim Features:

  • Modeling 3D parts, assemblies, drawings or importing and editing external CAD files
  • Creating manufacturing fixtures, processing plans or optimizing models for toolpath
  • Preparing Reverse Engineering tasks or processing STL files within seconds
  • Preparing, optimizing any models for 3D printing
  • Designing, importing and optimizing sheet metal files

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Your product development organization — no matter what your industry — can benefit from ANSYS engineering simulation solutions.

Each sector faces unique, constantly evolving challenges. ANSYS provides not only a broad base of standard tools and services but industry-specific capabilities and expertise that deliver the flexibility and scalability you need for your distinctive industry.

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Additional materials


One of the greatest benefits of a single magazine is the opportunity for readers to become familiar with software and applications beyond their usual fields of interest. We hope you find the publications to be a valuable asset in implementing simulation-based product development in your own workplace.

Platform support

Defining the optimum computer infrastructure for use of ANSYS software begins with understanding the computing platforms that are tested and supported by ANSYS. Follow the link below to learn about the computing platforms we support as well as reference system architectures recommended by valued partners

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Beyond the purchase or lease of our software products you will get the following benefits

  • Training(s) in order to get your users up and running as quickly as possible. Professional support and consultation for solving simulation problems
  • during the usage of the software. Program fixes, product enhancements, upgrades.
  • Access to valuable customer insights based on examples and case studies
  • that are available on customer portals. Machine (server) changes.
  • Yearly software user conference where you can meet with other software
  • users.
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If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us

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