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Webinar: 3D-IC Foundry Frameworks

In this session Ansys R&D members will give an overview of the 3D-IC technology development frameworks offered by TSMC, Samsung, and Intel, including how Ansys simulation tools and workflows fit into those frameworks.

Webinar: Ansys Discovery 2023 R2 – What’s New

Ansys Discovery 2023 R2 includes breakthrough features that help customers innovate and explore new product concepts faster and more accurately. Engineers and designers no longer need to sacrifice accuracy for speed. 

Webinar: Meshless CFD Simulation Using Particleworks

Webinar for Meshless CFD Simulation Using Particleworks. analysis of fluid problems in a wide range of fields such as transmission and engine lubrication, motor cooling, flooded road running, agitation and mixing of chemicals, resins, food, et as well as sediment disasters and flooding


Making the right material choices for any engineering application, e.g. in vehicle design, is challenging, particularly with the expanding range of possibilities offered by new manufacturing technologies and materials generated by research. To address these challenges, in this session we will explore some of the capabilities of Ansys Granta Selector, the industry gold-standard for materials … Read more

Heat Exchanger in virtual environment – WEBINAR (05.20.)

Heat Exchanger in virtual environment – WEBINARIUM Temperature control of systems is an important part of our everyday life and industry. Refrigerators and air conditioners are the most commonly used, widely known heat exchanger systems, and with their usage we can make our daily life much more comfortable. In addition, temperature controller systems based on … Read more

Application of simulation in plastic processing – Webinar (ENG)

Application of simulation in plastic processing – Webinar (ENG) Nowadays, in many areas of industry there is a need for simulation of plastic products, both from the processing and the application side. One of the most common technologies for mass production of plastic products is injection molding. A common problem with injection molding is the … Read more