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Wednesday 10:00 am
Thursday 5:00 pm


Online conference

Simulation World is the largest engineering simulation virtual event in the world.

2 Days between 10-11 June 2020, completely free and virtual, from the comfort of your desired location! Your choice of 3 regional start times. 

It is an immersive virtual reality summit by Ansys, designed to inspire, inform and educate executives, academics, industry leaders, engineers, R&D and manufacturing professionals, technology journalists and basically anyone interested about the transformative powers of engineering simulation and Ansys.

Learn how simulation can transform product development, workflows and customer experiences!

Engage in a full and exhilarating experience including inspirational keynotes from change-making leaders, thought-provoking breakout sessions and expert, hands-on real-time Ansys guidance at the Ask the Experts Bar. Explore live chat rooms for spontaneous group discussions and engage in numerous opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. Take advantage of the Partner Pavilion to gain insight from highlighted tech partners that are bridging the digital divide.

Whether you are new to simulation and computer-aided engineering (CAE) or an experienced user, you will learn something new at Simulation World. This free online event will educate you about the future of simulation — spanning Ansys products, services, and solutions — and help you develop the skills to design, deploy and operate simulation-driven infrastructures and applications. All this sitting comfortably at your computer, laptop or smartphone.

Hear what’s next from industry pioneers!

Keynote speakers:

More presentations from leading multinational companies like Baker Hughes, BMW, Borg Wagner, Bosch, Continental, Delphi, Electrolux, Ford, Garrett, Hwelett Packard Enterprise, ISimQ, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Siemens, U.S. Airforce, Valeo, Whirlpool, and numerous other companies with thought-provoking topics from different sectors.


Simulation World will feature a virtual space where you can join live presentations, network at meet-ups, engage with presenters, attendees, and partners or go at your own pace with talks and resources on demand.

Detailed agenda is available on the event’s website.

In the meantime, secure your free spot at the conference here!