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PCB development with Ansys – Webinar 06.24. (ENG)


PCB development with Ansys – Webinar (ENG)

Nowadays, PCBs are a necessary part of our everyday life and the industry – just think about our phones, computers or the automotive industry. There are a lot of conditions and specifications that must be met when designing PCBs. The system must be resistant to mechanical effects such as vibration, the elements of the system should be electromagnetically compatible, and it is important to check thermal behaviour of the system, whether active cooling is required or passive cooling is sufficient against overheating.

Meeting the above mentioned conditions is an extremely complex task for design engineers. The design of PCBs can be greatly facilitated by Ansys products, which in addition to electromagnetic simulation can be used also to study the mechanical, fluid and thermal behaviour of the product, and even connect individual physics easily. All of these have impact on the life expectancy of the product – for example, think about thermal stress of a solder. Through this webinar, the possibilities of these tools will be shown through a PCB model.

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