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Application of simulation in plastic processing – Webinar (ENG)


Application of simulation in plastic processing – Webinar (ENG)

Nowadays, in many areas of industry there is a need for simulation of plastic products, both from the processing and the application side. One of the most common technologies for mass production of plastic products is injection molding. A common problem with injection molding is the high pressure in the tool during the process, and millions of cycles, can lead to failure of certain tool parts.

In case of short fiber reinforced injection molded products, distribution of fiber orientation has a serious effect on the mechanical properties of the parts.

To solve the above mentioned mechanical problems, it is necessary to conduct injection molding simulation, which must be combined with mechanical simulation. Moldex3D and Ansys software offer a simple and user-friendly solution for performing the tasks and simulating even more plastic processing technologies, such as extrusion, blow molding, or thermoforming.

In this webinar, solutions to these challenges are presented through examples. It is also shown how the use of simulation can help designers and decision makers improve their products.

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