H2020 – QUIET

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eCon Engineering participates in a Horizon 2020 research and innovation action called QUIET, as a member of an international consortium.

The main aim of the project is to extend the driving range of an electric vehicle in unfavourable ambient conditions – in these circumstances the range of such vehicles are highly limited because of the high energy consumption of the HVAC systems. The consortium aims to enhance the properties of the vehicle in multiple areas.

Our company is the leader of the work package that deals with the lightweight component development and better insulation. Besides this coordinating role, our main task is to develop new closures for the demonstration vehicle. The enhanced parts need to have better thermal properties (to have lower energy losses) and lower mass – or at least it has to be a reasonable compromise between the contradicting requirements.

Topic identifier: GV-05-2017

Grant agreement number: 769826


The details of the project and the list of the consortium partners are available via the following link: http://quiet-project.eu/