How can I help you?

In 2019 we focused our sponsorhip on BAGázs Public Benefit Association, who carry out and develop complex, intergenerational programs for Romani children and adults in Pest county. They provide personal education and development courses for kindergarten children, supporting them in catching up, continuing and completing their studies successfully. Adults are aided in building and developing a self-conscious and legal lifestyle through their debt management and labour market mentoring programs. Our support ensures that kindergarten children of Bag can continue their pre-school personal development activities in the spring season so instead of failures they can succeed when entering school.

Other non-profit organizations we supported in 2019:

  • Bókay Gyermekklinikáért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Magyar Gyermekonkológiai Hálózat
  • Napfény A Beteg Gyermekekért, Rászorultakért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Szent Erzsébet Alapítvány

We happily provided support and/or pro bono education in 2019 to the below university sports teams:

  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • BME Formula Racing Team
  • BME Motorsport
  • DE MK Team
  • Formula Racing Team Miskolc
  • SZEnergy Team


In addition to our support activities we strive to pay more attention to environmental awareness, in which our colleagues play an active role. At their suggestion, our company discarded bottled mineral water in 2019, using special jugs for our guests, offering re-usable branded flasks for our colleagues, thus, reducing the daily production of plastic waste. Instead of printed Christmas greetings cards, for the first time this year, we sent our end-of-year message to our partners electronically.