Press-Fit Process

The principle of the press-fit connection is that a contact terminal is pressed into a printed circuit board (PCB). Press-fit connector technology provides highly reliable, cost-effective connections for harsh automotive applications.

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Our customers choose us because of our experiences in this technology. Our goal was to build a machine that can press-fit 38 pins (0.4mm x 1mm cross-section pins) into an automotive electrical part. First of all, we made an evaluation test to ensure a high-quality Press-Fit process, and establish the process parameters like force, speed etc.


Design principles:

  • Force transfer in a closed loop
  • No loads on the Machine Frame
  • Measure amplifier is as close as possible to the Measure units for high quality measures
  • Press-Process Controller automatically creates Force-Stroke Diagrams, which are saved on the Built-in Industrial PC
  • Linear Magnetic Encoder (10 ┬Ám resolution) measures directly the path of the Press-Head
  • Based on test parts (at least 100 pcs), we can determine check-windows or min/max limits to check the quality of the press-fit
  • The Amplifier unit reports any deviations to Control unit