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eCon Engineering Ltd. is a Hungarian engineering office founded in 2002 working with more than 70 engineers. With over 20 years’ experience in finite element and boundary element methods and automated machine building competences as prime contractor, we offer our expertise in solving various problems ranging from simple analyses to complex assignments integrated into development projects.

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Our vision

Was to develop the company into an innovative and stable partner that, together with dedicated staff members, thrives to become the best and leading brand in the area of professional technical services. Our company aims to become the leader in cooperative engineering services, research, development and innovation by offering solutions and suggestions that deliver a wide range of effective and sustainable results on a long-term basis.
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Our mission

Is to develop and offer technical solutions to the outstanding representatives of the Hungarian industry. We are building a company where all our business activities are ethical, responsible and in accordance with laws and regulations. We believe in sustainable growth on a solid financial base that relies on long-term goals and entrepreneurial thinking.


Our Computer Aided Engineering Services branch provides a great diversity of technical calculations. We provide tailored solutions for all our customers, from meshing and model building, through cooperation with in-house CAE teams, up to providing a complete simulation background for their development process. Our expertise covers most of the major CAE fields. Our services include:
Finite Element Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Multi Body Simulation
1D System simulations
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At eCon Engineering we are able to cover a wide spectrum of assembly technologies while constantly being open for new technological innovations. According to the required assembly step, we will determine the best solution and we integrate it into your line – regardless if it is a fully robotic or a manual workstation. Our design specialist experience will be applied to your assembly machines increasing the machine’s up-time and reliability


Our mission is the distribution of advanced engineering simulation technologies by representing such products as ANSYS, Moldex3D and Cast-Designer. Beyond the distribution of these software products we also provide solid mechanical-, fluid dynamical-, thermal- and electromagnetic analyses, injection molding simulations, molding optimization and metal casting simulations during the product and design development of our customers.
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company foundation
Foundation of eCon Engineering Kft.
Total manpower: over 20 CAE manpower: 7
Branch office
Opening new branch office in Győr, Hungary.
Foundation of eCon Trading Kft.
New office
We moved into our new office.
Total turnover
> 7.000.000 €
Total manpower: over 50 CAE manpower: 12
Office expansion
Office: 860 sqm Workshop space: 530 sqm
Total manpower: over 70
Certifications, Awards
ISO 9001, ISO 27001, JEC Innovation Award
TISAX Level 3 results available

Organizations, clusters

DigiLean Competence HUB - partnership
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Association of Hungarian Automotive Component Manufacturers – member of the board
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German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Deutsch-Ungarische Industrie- und Handelskammer)
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Hungarian Aviation Industry Foundation
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Hungarian Space Cluster
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Hungarian Bus Cluster
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NAFEMS is the International Association for the Engineering Modelling, Analysis and Simulation Community.
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charities, Organizations Funded by eCon

We believe that making a real difference for the better is only possible with joint efforts, thus, beyond satisfying our partners, corporate social responsibility (CSR) also bears great importance to us.


The year 2020 was significantly affected by COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus pandemic, and the resulting quarantine period. It has left its mark on the domestic and international economy, on all levels and in all areas of corporate processes, as well as on our personal lives, even including the care and education of our children. The Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), under the coordination of the Digital Welfare Program (DJP), has launched an special program called "Digital Cohesion" (Digitális Összefogás) with offers from digital actors to help overcome the difficulties caused by the coronavirus. The aim of the program is to help Hungarian companies, employees, parents, teachers, schools, students, healthcare institutions, doctors, etc. using the opportunities of digitalization. eCon Engineering Kft. also participated in this Digital Cohesion (Digitális Összefogás) program; we offered our help to assist the product development processes of medical and pharmaceutical companies with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and mechanical (FEM) engineering simulations. We accelerate and facilitate product development in areas such as mixing simulations, chemical reactions and reaction times/rates, manufacturing tests, or rapid prototyping.
In 2019 we focused our sponsorhip on BAGázs Public Benefit Association, who carry out and develop complex, intergenerational programs for Romani children and adults in Pest county. They provide personal education and development courses for kindergarten children, supporting them in catching up, continuing and completing their studies successfully. Adults are aided in building and developing a self-conscious and legal lifestyle through their debt management and labour market mentoring programs. Our support ensures that kindergarten children of Bag can continue their pre-school personal development activities in the spring season so instead of failures they can succeed when entering school. Other non-profit organizations we supported in 2019:
  • Bókay Gyermekklinikáért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Magyar Gyermekonkológiai Hálózat
  • Napfény A Beteg Gyermekekért, Rászorultakért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Szent Erzsébet Alapítvány
We happily provided support and/or pro bono education to the below university sports teams:
  • Arrabona Racing Team
  • BME Formula Racing Team
  • BME Motorsport
  • DE MK Team
  • Formula Racing Team Miskolc
  • SZEnergy Team


In addition to our support activities we strive to pay more attention to environmental awareness, in which our colleagues play an active role. At their suggestion, our company discarded bottled mineral water in 2019, using special jugs for our guests, offering re-usable branded flasks for our colleagues, thus, reducing the daily production of plastic waste. Instead of printed Christmas greetings cards, for the first time this year, we sent our end-of-year message to our partners electronically.
  • Apránként Az Aprókért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Bátor Tábor Alapítvány
  • Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Napfény Alapítvány
  • Szent Erzsébet Alapítvány
  • Együtt a Leukémiás Gyermekekért - Gyermekleukémia Alapítvány
  • Apránként Az Aprókért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Kis Lépések Alapítvány az Autizmussal Élő Gyermekekért és Környezetükért
  • Országos Mentőszolgálat Alapítvány
  • Napfény A Beteg Gyermekekért Rászorultakért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Könnycsepp Nélkül a Beteg Gyerekekért Alapítvány
  • Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • S.O.S. Leukémiás Gyermekekért Alapítvány
  • Apránként Az Aprókért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Szent Erzsébet Gyermekalapítvány
  • Országos Egyesület a Mosolyért Közhasznú Egyesület
  • Napfény a Beteg Gyermekekért, a Rászorultakért Közhasznú Alapítvány
  • Együtt Leukémiás Gyermekekért Alapítvány
  • Gyermekétkeztetési Alapítvány
  • Könnycsepp Nélkül A Beteg Gyermekekért Alapítvány


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