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Production machines

eCon Engineering Kft. produces unique assembly machines, special single-purpose machines, robot cells, testers for the car and the IT industry, according to special demands.

Projects include the whole production process, from the developement of technology to the execution procedure with putting it into operation on site. Guarantee servicing and full-scale project management also included.

Our colleagues have more than 10 years of experience in the fields of assembly and production technology, automatisation, robotisation, measuring and testing machines.

Among our partners you can find the world’s leading car manufacturers, Tier1 suppliers, and front-rank IT multinational corporations. Our products can be found in the factories of our Hungarian, European clients, and also in factories outside of Europe.  

Our machines are designed with 3D designing systems and we incorporate our in-house numeric simulation capacities as well (statics, hydrodynamics, optimalisation, dynamics, kinetics).

It is our quality policy to use our experience, developements and knowledge to fulfill and, if possible, exceed our cilent’s expectations.

If you think we can help you in assembly technics, unique machine production or automatisation, please feel free to contact us and ask for a quotation.



Our equipments

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Single-purpose machines

eCon Engineering Kft. produces special single-purpose machines for the car and the IT industry, according to the customer's needs. 

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Assembly lines

eCon Engineering Kft. produces not only single-purpose machines but complete assembly lines too, for the car and the IT industry. The assembly lines and equipment includes all the spectrum of the assembly process from the manual assembly lines and semi-auutomatic lines to the fully automatic production lines such as robotised manufacturing cells.

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eCon Engineering Kft. delivers various measuring machines and testers for the car and the IT industry. We provide the testers inline and offline and often integrated into the production equipment.

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