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Finite Element Method Analysis-based developement is the main profile of the multidisciplinary engineering consultancy company eCon Engineering Kft.  With valuable experiences in the field of FEM developement we offer engineering solutions for our partners.

We use Finite Element Method and  kinetics-dynamics systems (MBS/MSS).

Our engineers have a wide spectrum of knowledge in the fields of mechanics, optimalisation, duration analysis, analysis of composite frames, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics, correlation analysis, dynamics, vehicle construction, medical technology and turbine physics.
It is very important for eCon Engineering Kft. to provide it’s clients with a complex solution on the most professional level, and with continous developement.

Out aim is not to focus on just a single problem, but to analise – in cooperation with the client – the whole spectrum of possible problems and provide an all-around solution.



CAE services, analyses: Finite Element Method, modell construction

  • structure analysis (material and geometric nonlinearities)
  • dynamics tests, transient simulations
  • thermodynamics analysis
  • electromagnetics tests
  • joint analysis
  • duration analysis
  • composite calculations
  • hydrodynamics simulations – CFD
  • explicit calculations, collision analysis
  • contact analysis
  • polimer-technology tests
  • creep test
  • buckling tests
  • earthquake-proof tests
  • programming of Finite Element Method systems


eCon Engineering Kft. always aims to complete it’s Finite Element Method projects in a professional, cost-effective way which complies with the current theories. Our goal is to give direct answers to the questions of our clients.

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Production machines

eCon Engineering Kft. produces unique assembly machines, special single-purpose machines, robot cells, testers for the car and the IT industry, according to special demands. We are able to support you in the fields of assembly, unique machine production, automatisation - don’t hesitate to contact our staff!

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