ANSYS is a global Finite Element Method and Finite Volume Method-based simulation software. It provides an opportunity to assertively design the lifespan and performance of your product or technological procedure. It’s innovative ’Drag & Drop’ interface leads you easily to the solution of mechanical, thermic, hydraulic, electromagnetic and even complex physics problems.

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Moldex3D is a three-dimension (3D) technology polimer injection molding simulation software. With the aid of simulation a wide spectrum of injection molding technologies with both thermosetting polymers and thermoplastics can be examined. Effect-study of product design, tool design, tool production, and of the technical aspects of injection moulding to ensure world-class quality.

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Cast-Designer is a three-dimension (3D) technology casting simulation software. It contains all the popular casting technologies, such as pressure die casting, gravity casting or ceramic forming. It can be an asset in the early stages of construction when decisions are made about products, tools and technology.

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About us

eCon Engineering Kft. was established in 2002. We have set our profile based on the experiences and workmanship of our colleagues to provide competitive and quality service for our clients.

Our experience in numeric analysis, our achievements in designing and building machines and sheet-metal forming optimalisation, and with our hinterland of experts and subcontractors we can provide a complex engineering service for our partners.

Continous developement and the mutual trust with our current partners and clients is a sign to get acquainted with us.

We hope to welcome you soon among our partners!



eCon Engineering Kft. always aims to complete it’s Finite Element Method projects in a professional, cost-effective way which complies with the current theories. Our goal is to give direct answers to the questions of our clients.

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Production machines

eCon Engineering Kft. produces unique assembly machines, special single-purpose machines, robot cells, testers for the car and the IT industry, according to special demands. We are able to support you in the fields of assembly, unique machine production, automatisation - don’t hesitate to contact our staff!

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